The following is a short introduction to the athletics department of the OSC Berlin.


We’ll also tell you how to join, if you’re interested.


We offer different training groups for all ages – from five year-olds to seniors – all of them run by committed coaches.


We offer the following training groups:


·         U8-U12 (children up to the age of 8/12 years): training for children


·         U14-U18-U20 m/w: throwing and basic training; sprinting and jumping;


·         U14-U18 m/w and Men/Women: running;


·         Men/Women: pole vault/multi-discipline events;


·         U20 and Men/Women: sprinting, jumping, hurdles, multi-discipline events;


·         Men/Women: throwing, multi-discipline events;


·         multi-functional training:

·         preparing for the “Deutsches Sportabzeichen” (German sports badge for physical fitnes);


·         Seniors: athletics and running.


  The groups for the youngest children are the U8 (younger than eight years) and the U10 (younger than ten years). In the past years, even decades, we have offered qualified training to introduce children to athletics through movement and having fun in a group.


  Many parents used to be active in track and field in their youth and already introduced their children to some basics of athletics, e.g. jogging. Since 2015 the “Deutsche Kinderleichtathletik” offers basic training for children.


Moving to the next age group always happens in fall and is being announced by the coaches.


  During summer, the U8-U10-U12 groups regularly participate in competitions in addition to training. As far as our experience goes, children really enjoy to compete, and the parents can also contribute.


  Beginning with U14, the groups start to specialize  in different disciplines. The focus on competitions becomes more important. Nonetheless there still is a lot of fun, because we meet other athletes and visit others clubs. Our department is funding athletes by e.g. paying the entry fees for competitions or prize money.


How do I get a free trial?


·           On our website, you find our training plan. You can visit the training ground at the given time and introduce yourself to the coaches. They will give you more information.


·         You could also write an e-mail to


·         Or contact the coach directly via e-mail or phone.


·           In all age groups, you can participate in four training sessions for free. After that you decide, whether you want to join. A registration form and information about membership fees are available on our website.


·           In summer, training is on the Dominicus sporting ground or at the Vorarlberger Damm. In the winter, we train in various gyms assigned to us.


·           During school vacation, we offer training to the U8-U10 once or twice a week. Usually the same days as during school, unless indicated otherwise by the coaches.


·           If there are enough participants, training camps for U12-U16 will take place.


·           As a member, you get a discount for shoes and sporting clothes at the Lang- und LaufLaden in Augsburger Straße.


If you are interested in working for our department (e.g. helping to organize and hold competitions, helping our coaches or becoming a coach yourself), we would be very grateful! Contact us via e-mail ( or directly in the office (mondays and Thursdays 5-7 p.m., tel. 326 618 59).


We would be happy, of you are interested in athletics and decide to join or athletics department!




Hinweise und Termine


Geschäftsstelle OSC Berlin Leichtathletik

Priesterweg 8

10829 Berlin



Tel.: 030 32 66 18 59



Donnerstag 17 - 19 Uhr

(bis Ende Oktober 2024)


In dringenden Fällen die o.g. Mailbox nutzen oder

sich an die OSC Hauptgeschäftsstelle, Frau Gutzmann, wenden. 


Aktuelle Trainingsgruppen

und Trainingszeiten hier:


Bei Fragen zum Trainingseinstieg bitte zu den o.g. Öffnungszeiten die Geschäftsstelle telefonisch oder per Mail kontaktieren.


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OSC Trainings-, Wettkampfbekleidung;

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Lang- und LaufLaden

Augsburger Str. 27

10789 Berlin


Tel 030 21 91 22 14

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